Over 1000 mares have been foaled down at Wyndholm Park. Our staff know and understand the possible risks that can be associated with foaling.

A choice of 2 individual irrigated and well maintained paddocks are where mares are placed when foaling is imminent.

Alarms are fitted to mares close to foaling. Our experienced day and night staff regularly monitor mares in the foaling and pre foaling paddocks. We believe natural is the way to go with minimal interference, however the staff are on hand for any foaling issues.

Kim is always on hand, particularly for the problem foaling.

A strict management program is initiated with the new born foals, paying particular attention to normal bowel movements, urination, legs, miss mothering and the welfare of the mare.

Our belief is that the first 10 days of life are critical. Depending on the foals leg conformation and structure a program is individualised. At this time it is determined if the use of a stable, small yard or paddock is required. We have the facilities and the expertise for the foals that are in need of intensive care.

Corrective trimming and close monitoring of the foals particularly in the first 4 months is carried out by our team.

Rates: $550 GST exclusive