• Graduated Bachelor of Honours 1967 at Melbourne University
  • Worked in North America 1968-1969
  • Ballarat Veterinarian Practice – 1970-2001. Became partner in 1972
  • Committee member of Ballarat Turf Club for 15 years. Chairman for 4 years
  • Country Racing board member for 12 years
  • Equine stable veterinarian for 50 years and still going strong
  • Believes the game is for anyone not just the high fliers and that everyone has the the chance to breed a champion.

Liz in charge

  • Apart from being Kim’s back stop
  • Fanatical gardener
  • Brilliant cook
  • Superb golfer
  • She has an amazing empathy for mares foaling
  • The backbone of Wyndholm Park
  • Behind every great man, there’s a great woman. That’s Liz!


  • We have decided after 10 years looking for the right Veterinarian to add a Veterinary arm to Wyndholm Park.
  • Annemarie Kemmink graduated in 2011 with three years experience in an intensive reproductive aligned equine practice has become part of the Wyndholm Park team.
  • Her duties include:
    1. All the reproductive management of mares and foal care on the farm.
    2. To become part of the Wyndholm Park surgical team involved in our sheep tissue engineering project, making biosynthetic arteries for BIONOVA INTERNATIONAL.
    3. If she has anytime left she will be helping Kim with his involvement in racing stables and Veterinary issues on the farm.
  • Yes she got the shed built!! Annemarie is now an expert in embryo transfer and high tech breeding.


  • Wyndholm Park, commenced 2007
  • Came on as foal watch, we quickly realised her passion for horses and extremely high skill level with them and her farming knowledge from her childhood and early married life.
  • She has great people skills and having worked in retail and the education system.
  • She is very passionate about Wyndholm Park and very interested in what people are achieving with their horses.
  • She is the boss! Even Kim shudders
  • Call Kaye 0417 532 405


Jeff is our horse whisperer and resident cartoonist. He joined us in 2016. We now wonder what we did without him. If we have problem horses call Jeff.





  • A man of few words but the horses think he is a great communicator as he has an easy unflappable manner with them.
  • He is our lead weanling handler and does all of our walk out mare floating.





Jozsef is our resident horticulturist. He spends most of his time cutting plants and killing plants!